Install WISECP module

Step 1

Go to the AutoVM admin area and create a user with the Admin type for the WHMCS API service. Then go to the users’ list and copy the created user token.

Step 2

Go to Lab and download the WISECP module.

Extract the downloaded module into your WISECP root directory.

Step 3

Go to the WISECP admin area > Services > Server Settings.

Click on “Add New Server”

On the Hostname field, enter: “AutoVM”

On “server automation type” choose “PlusAutoVM
on the IP Address field, Enter: backend.domain.com

On Username field: Enter AutoVM

In the password field, Enter the API token that you created in step 1.

Step 4

Go to Services > Service management > Other requirements.

Click on Create New Group and enter the name AutoVM.

Then click on Add new requirement:

On the name field, enter exactly this word: Template

on the related service group, chose: Server/VPS

Enable the Mandatory field.

on the Option type, Chose: dropdown

Add your Operating systems exact the following words:

Ubuntu 18 64
Ubuntu 20 64
Debian 8 64 
Debian 10 64
CentOS 7 64
CentOS 8 64
Alma 8 64
Rocky 8 64
Windows 2012 64
Windows 2016 64
Windows 2019 64

click on Create requirement.

Step 5

Go to Services > Hosting management > Dedicated/VPS packages

Click on Create New package.

Go to the Core tab and chose the AutoVM on the Master server field.

Enter pool Id, Memory, Disk, and CPU core.

Then go to the Requirement tab and enable the Template option.