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What is AutoVM?

AutoVM is a platform to manage virtual machines(VM) on hypervisors such as VMware ESXi, allowing hosting or cloud companies to provide complete support and sales process automation. AutoVM platform is a good choice for hosting and VPS providers to increase their service quality, which can help offer customers cloud-based services.

some of the features:

  • Powerful API service.
  • Auto Provisioning VM and auto-installation of the operating system.
  • Auto-assign IP and Network adapter once VM is created.
  • VM bandwidth monitoring system.
  • Pay as you go service.
  • Support Distributed switch, VSAN, Storage DRS, Storage policy, cluster, resource pool, VAPP.
  • Synchronizes VMs, Storages, Clusters, VAPPs, Datacenters, and Networks automatically.
  • OAuth support.
  • Run Bash/Batch, Python, or any scripts after VM installation.
  • Manage IPs by the platform.
  • Free modules for managing VPS in the WHMCS client area.
  • VM HTML console
  • Template customization.


  • VCenter 6.7 or Higher
  • ESXi 6.5 or higher.
  • Order AutoVM license service from the client area.
  • WHMCS 8 or higher.