14- Traffic Package

First, go to the AutoVM panel and navigate to “Services > Service”, Then, change the traffic services from passive to active.

Next, enter the WHMCS admin area and set a value for the primary traffic for the machines that will be ordered from now on.
To do this, go to the “system settings -> product/services” section, edit the desired product, and go to the “modules” tab and enter “Traffic field” in GB.

Traffic Package:
If you want to sell an additional traffic package, follow the steps below:
Inside the WHMCS panel, go to “system > product addon” and create a field called “Traffic package”. Select “AutoVM traffic” in the module section and click “Continue”.
Then, in the “module settings” tab, enter the value for the traffic package in gigabytes and set the “type” field to “plus”.
Next, in the “applicable product” section, select the products for which users can purchase this traffic package.