Configure VM console

To configure VM console first install a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 VM with a valid IP address.

Create a subdomain per your ESXi server. For example, if you have three ESXi servers, create these subdomains:


Forward all created subdomains to console VM.

for example, if your console VM IP address is:
Create A record to the IP for all created subdomains.

Then, ssh to the console VM and enter the following commands:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install nginx certbot python3-certbot-nginx
wget https://file.autovm.net/vmware/modules/proxy.sh
bash proxy.sh

After running the last command, the script asks to enter your ESXi IP address and the created subdomain.

After running the proxy script, run the following commands:

service nginx restart

Then go to AutoVM admin -> System -> Settings -> Proxies and click on create button.

On the host field, enter your ESXi IP address

On the proxy, enter the created subdomain

On the Port field, enter 443

Repeat this step for all subdomains.