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Add FreeBSD to AutoVM

By Alireza Mahdavi | 19 March 2022 | 206 views

Add FreeBSD to AutoVM

Download and deploy the FreeBSD template from LAB into your VCenter.
Go to the AutoVM admin area, click on “System > Settings > List Icons” and click on the create button.

On the Name field, enter: Freebsd
On the Address field, enter: http://file.autovm.net/autovm/os/freebsd.png

Click on Save and go to “Template > list templates”
Click on create button, and enter the fields like below:

Name: FreeBSD 13
Username: root
Password: 123QWEqwe
Clue: freebsd_13
Icon: FreeBSD
Status: Active

Click on Save and go to “Template > List scripts”
Click on Create button and enter the input like below:

Name: FreeBSD
Template: FreeBSD 13
Type: Setup
Where Is Program: /bin/sh
Where To Upload: /setup.sh
How to Execute: /setup.sh
Status: Active

cat >> /etc/rc.conf <<EOL
ifconfig_vmx0="inet @address netmask @netmask"
echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf
echo "@password" | pw usermod -n root -h 0
rm /setup.sh
camcontrol rescan all
gpart recover da0
gpart resize -i 3 da0
zpool set autoexpand=on zroot
zpool online -e zroot da0p3
sleep 5

Click on Save and try to install VM with FreeBSD OS.

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