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Partnering with AutoVM can provide businesses with access to a wider customer base, leading to increased profitability and revenue generation. Additionally, AutoVM's expertise in virtualization technology can help reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. Partnering with AutoVM can also offer a competitive edge by providing a more comprehensive range of products and services.

Grow Cloud Business

Chances to expand the current customer base and attract new clients.

New sales channel

Become an ISV and distribute your products through a channel.

Lower Costs

Incorporation and streamlining of additional tools.

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Autovm is the ideal partner for businesses in the alternative cloud market looking to grow and can assist in their expansion.

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Our Partners

AutoVM's scalable and multi-tenant self-service products can be utilized by a partner to offer cloud infrastructure services such as IaaS and SaaS to their clients.

Bigcore is a leading technology firm specializing in virtualization solutions, offering top-notch virtual and dedicated server hosting services tailored to meet clients' needs. Our partnership with Autovm as a distributor reflects our commitment to delivering fast, efficient, and reliable services in the virtualization industry. With a focus on unparalleled performance, security, and continuous support, Bigcore empowers businesses through expertise and a robust infrastructure.