Frequently Asked Questions

Category 1

How does AutoVM install the VM operating system automatically?

In the automatic installation of the operating system, The user, while ordering the product, can choose the operating system based on their need. After the order has been completed, the login information will send through Email.

How can AutoVM platform assign the VM IP address?

The IP configuration is applied directly into the VM and does not require any ESXi or VCenter structure changes.

How VM’s password is applied?

The users can enter their password or ssh-key during the process of the installation process.

Is it possible to create a template for AutoVM platform?

Yes, You can customize your template by installing the VMware Tools plugin.

Category 3

Is it possible to use the AutoVM platform on the OVH and Hetzner datacenters?

Yes, The platform can assign the MAC address on the VM automatically.

Is it possible to use a router and network card other than the ESXi default Network?


Is it possible to manage the VM through the WHMCS client area?

Yes, clients can install their operating systems, or they can view the usage of VM resources. Also, the VM console feature is available.

Does it necessary to have VMware vCenter?

Currently it is necessary to use VCenter.

Does the WHMCS plugin support translation?

Yes, it is open source.

Category 2

What WHMCS plugin useful for?

The whmcs module can deliver the order immediately. Also, clients can manage their VM’s through the WHMCS client area.

Is it necessary to install the AutoVM platform for each dedicated server separately?

No, You can manage all your servers only on one platform.

Is there a feature for suspending and termination via the WHMCS plugin?


Categroy 4

Does platform need Mikrotik to assign VMs IP address?

No, The platform can assign the static IP address directly into the VM.

How long does it take to setup a VM?

The platform doesn’t have any delay in setting up the VM, and It depends on your hard drive speed.

Which version and which modules are required for PHP?

The WHMCS module can use used on PHP 8, 7, or 5 versions.

Can AutoVM extend the hard disk automatically after installation??

Yes, this feature is available for all operating systems.