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VMware WHMCS module

AutoVM’s WHMCS module seamlessly integrates with VMware, enabling hosting providers to automate and streamline VMware virtual machine provisioning, billing, and management processes for efficient and user-friendly customer experiences.


Support vCenter features

AutoVM provides comprehensive support for VCenter features such as VM Cluster, VSAN, DRS, and distributed switch, allowing administrators to effortlessly manage, provision, and monitor their infrastructure and resources within VMware vSphere environments through a user-friendly and centralized interface.


Pay-as-you-go payment model

AutoVM’s pay-as-you-go payment model feature allows your customers to enjoy the flexibility of paying only for the resources they consume, making it a cost-effective and scalable solution for their virtual machine needs.


Network traffic monitoring

AutoVM’s network traffic monitoring feature provides real-time visibility and analysis, empowering administrators to efficiently manage and optimize their network performance and make money by selling extra network traffic packages.