This is AutoVM+

A powerful platform to provide all VCenter features easily!
What is AutoVM+
AutoVM+ is a cloud management platform to help you provide cloud-based features to the customers.
VMware Based

You are allowed to utilize AutoVM+ to manage your servers without any necessary changes.

WHMCS Integration

AutoVM+ can help your customers buy and manage their VMs easily in the WHMCS client.

Hourly Pyaments

Pay as you go is a model for cloud service providers in order to let customers pay for their VMs hourly.

Task Management

AutoVM+ allows the customers to do limitless tasks at the same time.

IP Management

Automatically assigns an available IP address to the VM and makes it accessible when the VM gets destroyed.

Emergency Support

We are available 24/7 to help you to further information.

VMware based!
AutoVM+ VMware based means you can use all the VCenter features to become a cloud service provider.

AutoVM+ has the power to create or manage VMs on the cluster.


Whether you would not want to choose the cluster option, you can create VMs on a single host.


You can utilize any sort of storages such as VSAN and DRS to bring good performance for VMs.


AutoVM+ can operate with simple or distributed networks to assign IPs automatically to the VMs.


VAPP features also can be used by the customers in order to manage their VMs performance.


All OS templates are available for every sort of customization or utilizations.

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