AutoVM - VMware ESXI control panel, WHMCS module, BandWidth monitoring
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AutoVM Platform
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ESXi VM Management

VMware Virtualization BandWidth Monitoring

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With AutoVM you can assign unique panel for each user to make them fulfilled all about VPS Related.

This must be noticeable as AutoVM additional tools, except Automatic Monitoring you can give your billing management to AutoVM! So you can give more-fast services to your customers.

System Information

AutoVM is an open source Virtual Private Server (VPS) manager run in VMware ESXI, give you full control and automation of hosting companies and VPS Sellers.
It is fast, secure and makes you sell and buy sweets.
Currently, AutoVM only supports VMware ESXI Virtualization.

Automatic OS Installation

Secure Encryption

BandWidth Monitoring

No Source Usage

Open Source

Powerful Task Control

AutoVM Lab

All Operation Systems Templates and add-ons are accessible free for All.

Tutorials Videos

In Tutorial Section you can learn about AutoVM with easy step by step guide that makes you become AutoVM Pro.
Here you can learn about how to manage your website using AutoVM and all things you need or wants to know.

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